Lessons from Tom Conrad

Tom Conrad, CTO at Pandora, shares seven lessons he has learned during his 20 year career in technology.

Tom has had an amazing career working at a large variety of technology companies, including Apple, the infamous Pets.com, and Pandora. In the video he shares fantastic stories to illustrate the following lessons:

  1. Be passionate
  2. Be great
  3. Be focused
  4. Be agile
  5. Be decisive
  6. Be genuine
  7. Be humble

Most talks are given by founders and CEOs, so hearing his insights as an early employee was refreshing. I’m also an avid Pandora listener (40+ hours a week) and subscriber, so I was interested to hear more about the company. Pandora has such a great ethos, and I’ve felt it as one of their customers. They stick to their mission — helping people discover new music they like — despite drawing some flak for various aspects of the service (like not letting you play specific songs). I’m the type of person who listens only to music I know that I like, and without a service to find music similar to that I would never bother listening to new bands. Pandora has been responsible for almost all of the new bands and songs that I have discovered over the past few years, and I often feel like $36 a year is a bargain for everything I get in return.

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